Become a PhilaPOSH Member

PhilaPOSH Membership

The best way to join our work is by becoming a PhilaPOSH member.

After more than four decades, we know one thing for certain. Even the most basic dignity and protections at work are not given away: they have to be won by working people fighting together.

As a PhilaPOSH member, your dues go towards:

  • Training hundreds of workers on critical workplace issues every year
  • Organizing Philadelphia restaurant workers to end sexual harassment in the hospitality industry
  • Advocating for important worker safety issues like bringing OSHA protection to the public sector.

Dues Structure

  • Injured or Retired Members: $10
  • Individual Members: $30
  • Associate Members: $50
  • Gold Membership: $100
  • 45th Anniversary Membership: $150

PhilaPOSH members are able to vote on internal organizational matters at our annual membership meeting.