Workers Memorial Day Ads and Donations

On Friday, April 23, 10 am – 12 noon, we will honor those men and women who have died from work-related traumatic injury or illness at our 32nd Annual Worker’s Memorial Day program. Our program, the oldest and largest in the country, is co-sponsored by PhilaPOSH and the Philadelphia Council, AFL-CIO.

This year’s program will be held virtually. In lieu of the physical ad book we typically use to fundraise for the event, we will be featuring a “digital ad book” during the event and on our website. If you’d still like to support our work this year, sponsoring Workers’ Memorial Day through our digital ad book or with a donation is one of the best ways to help.

Thank you for your support- we are stronger together.

NOTE: If you prefer to pay by check, that’s no problem. Please contact PhilaPOSH staffer Andrew Richard (

$200 – Small ad (700 x 700 pixels)

$400 – Medium ad (1400 x 700 pixels)

$600 – Large ad (2050 x 800 pixels, about the size of a Facebook banner)

$800 – “Front Cover” ad (2050 x 800, at top of page)

Please submit ads by April 19th to